LUDOWIDE takes a fresh approach to education.

We ask what your child needs to learn
beyond the classroom.

We develop confident, resilient
and compassionate young people.

We enable your child to walk alone.

We coach young people through difficult and transitional stages in their educational and emotional journey through the provision of mentors and tutors.

LUDOWIDE believes that just as adults benefit from guidance and support at critical moments in their lives, so do young people. We work alongside your child, equipping them with the tools to face difficult and transitional stages in their life.

Providing the right scaffolding at their most vulnerable and insecure times transforms a young person’s capacity to face today and opens up options for tomorrow. Far from making them dependent on support, our support enables them to take their first steps in emotional independence and maturity.

We empower young people to believe in themselves, to be undaunted by limitations set on them by society, circumstance, gender or birth, to be brave, resilient and bold. We teach young people to walk their own path with confidence.