In our experience there are
four crucial elements a young person needs:

Emotional stability,

mental resilience,

social confidence

and self-esteem.

We’re moving fast as a society. Whilst much of this growth is exciting, energising and motivating, our children are under more pressure today than ever before with social media demands, peer pressure and sheer information overload.

Conventional tutoring too often focuses on academic outcomes and cramming for exams. For many, this creates a closed mindset - children who, without constant support, fear failure will never be far away.

A 'smart world' requires young people with the skills of flexibility, enterprise, imagination, communication, collaboration and courage. We nurture these attitudes.

LUDOWIDE promotes a young person's self-esteem, the belief that their opinion is valid, their judgement can be trusted, that they can do it themselves. We nurture a growth mindset.

As self-belief grows, so does courage. Determination and perseverance replace anxiety and self-doubt. Academic attainment follows naturally.